A court will decide whether Juraj C should be arrested for allegedly attacking Slovakia’s prime minister. There is also a hearing date

On Saturday, Juraj C., the suspect in the attack on Robert Fika, appeared in a special court in Besinek, near Bratislava. The court decided to place the suspect in pretrial detention, as requested by the Slovak prosecutor’s office. The trial of Juraj C. will be held today. He faces up to life in prison.

On Wednesday, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot after a meeting of the Slovak government in the town of Handlova. 71-year-old writer Juraj C. from the Slovak city of Levis.

Shortly before 11am, shortly before the trial began, the suspect was taken to court under police protection and heavy security measures.

Juraj C. in pre-trial detention

According to Reuters, the court accepted the plea of ​​the prosecutor and decided to remand Juraj C. in pre-trial custody.

The court justified its decision with the possibility of the accused escaping and continuing his criminal activities. The judge did not accept the defendant’s written promise and dismissed the application for probation supervision and mediation. The court’s decision is not final. Juraj C. The Supreme Court has statutory deadlines for deciding whether to appeal the decision.

The Special Criminal Court, which acts as a district court in Slovakia, deals with the most serious criminal offenses – premeditated murder, treason or corruption. The court is located in the school premises of the Court Constable Special Organization. Journalists did not visit his building. They can see cars entering and leaving the school campus for more than four hours.

Court spokeswoman Katerina Gudjakova did not say whether Juraj C pleaded guilty or denied the charges. The notification also did not provide information on where to send the attacker. He gets 25 years or life imprisonment.

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Juraj C who appeared in the special courtPAP/EPA/JAKUB GAVLAK

Slovak news channel TA3 reported earlier on Saturday that Juraj C. Amended to plead guilty in court. The suspect gave a statement during his first police interrogation.

“This testimony was given under the influence of shock, without the presence of a lawyer, and it is not known whether Juraj C. maintained it during the ongoing court session,” the television reported. The station apologized for providing the wrong information.

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Latest information on Prime Minister’s health

On Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Robert Kaliniak said that Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was shot Wednesday, was in stable but serious condition. However, there is no need to delegate one’s duties.

Kaliniak said Figo is conscious but has some communication limitations. – Many miracles have happened, I cannot find words to thank the doctors that we are getting closer to positive predictions – he added. The Deputy Minister said that they communicate with the Prime Minister only for very important matters and he does not need to take responsibility for his qualifications as a Deputy Minister.

Minister of Defense on the health of Robert Figo, May 18, 2024TVN24

– The government will continue to work according to the plan established this year. That means there will be at least two government meetings next week. Kaliniak said on Saturday that the deadline to enact laws in Parliament is approaching, so the state must continue to act.

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He said that the prime minister’s health did not yet allow him to be transported from Banska Bystrica to Bratislava.

On Friday, Figo underwent another operation at Banska Bystrica Hospital. The procedure lasted almost two hours. The surgery allowed us to check how the gunshot wounds were healing, and the procedure showed that the first surgery went well. Slovak Health Minister Zuzana Dolinkova confirmed on Friday that the procedure to remove dead tissue after the shooting had “allowed for a good prognosis” for the prime minister.

Attack suspect’s residence raided

Gudjakova said the prosecutor justified the request for detention by saying that the accused could continue their criminal activities or – while free – take advantage of the opportunity to escape.

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The accused who attacked the Prime Minister was immediately arrestedRadovan Stoklasa/Reuters/Forum

Media reported that police took Juraj C from the detention center in Nidra to his apartment in the morning to conduct a search there in the presence of the suspect. A summer home where the man sometimes stayed was also searched. The search lasted for several hours. Media reported that clues were preserved and documents and computers were taken away.

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