“We thank the campaigners for their help.” The Ukrainians dismantled the Russian war vehicle

The Ukrainian National Guard yesterday deactivated a Russian war vehicle that destroyed several important bridges in the Luhansk region several hours ago and launched a shelling attack on Severodonetsk, said Serhiy Hayday, head of the regional authorities. The fire was started by propaganda materials on Russian television.

“The guards destroyed enemy equipment used to destroy the Pavlohrat Bridge (across the Donetsk River) and to shell Shevardonetsk. We thank the Russian campaigners for the tip“- Hajj wrote on Facebook.

The head of the regional authorities released an aerial recording of the destruction of the Russian vehicle and a screen shot of the Russian state television report.

Marius Selma, editor-in-chief of the “New Military Technique”, identified the vehicle in the photos. Tulipan self-propelled motor, caliber 240 mm.

Earlier on Saturday, Hajj was reported The Russians destroyed an important bridge between Sivirodonikov and Lishisansky In the Luhansk region.

The bridge was once destroyed by the Russians in 2014, in the first year of the war in Donbass. Russian-backed separatist forces then retreated and demolished the pass. The bridge was renovated in 2016.

The UK Defense Ministry said today Russia may have stationed heavy BMP-T Terminator fighter jets on the Chevrolet Donetsk axis.Whose task is to support the tanks. According to the British Ministry, 10 such vehicles are unlikely to significantly affect the course of the campaign.

“The only war-ready Russian BMP-T Terminator vehicle company that supports tanks was sent to the Chevrolet Donetsk axis as part of the Donbass offensive. Their presence indicates that the Central Military Group (CGW) was involved in the attack. Failed to break. Russia developed the Terminator after discovering that it needed to provide special protection for key battle tanksWhich she used during the Afghan and Chechen wars. The Chevroletonetsk region is one of Russia’s immediate strategic priorities. However, with a maximum of ten Terminators suspended, they are unlikely to have a significant impact on the course of the campaign, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Russia has already lost 29,000 in the lead. Players. Attack on Severodonetsk from all four sides [RELACJA]

Civilians of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced in the morning statement from the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian military has already lost about 29,050 troops, including about 200 in the last 24 hours.

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The other day, Russia also lost a helicopter, 7 tanks, 25 armored vehicles, 3 artillery systems and 8 drones, according to a news release on Facebook.

According to Ukrainian officials, the total losses of Russian forces from February 24 to May 22 were: 1,285 tanks, 3,141 armored vehicles, 204 aircraft, 170 helicopters, 599 artillery launchers, 201 multi-rocket launchers, 93 2,11 anti-aircraft systems, 94. Vehicles and tanks, 13 watercraft and 470 drones.

In Ukraine, the nephew of Russia’s deputy defense minister has died

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