War in Ukraine. The Ukrainian army recaptured 15 cities near Kersen

Alexander Wilkul, head of the Crookt military administration, quoted by Ukrinform as announcing the liberation of more than 15 cities.

As he said, “The enemy is trying to counter-attack, but our soldiers are destroying his equipment and personnel.”

According to Wilkul, some of the liberated villages in the Kerson region were under enemy control for a week and others for a month. Their citizens tell terrifying stories.

In the Gershon region, Russian forces blocked “green corridors” to provide food and medicine. The invaders abducted members of the local authorities and local activists.

“NYT” reveals details of the killings in Buxa. “Blind shots, the house is like a pig’s nest”

“Life is gradually returning to normal there,” Wilkul said.

In the Kiev region, which was recently liberated, more than 3,050 criminal activities have been launched against crimes committed by Russians, according to Ukraine Police Chief Andrei Nibitov, according to the Ukrainianform Agency, which represents the Interior Ministry. Of Ukraine.

According to this source, the police launched 233 criminal activities for attacks on the territorial integrity and inviolability of the territory of Ukraine. In 1463, actions related to the violation of the laws and customs of war by the Russians.

The bodies of more than 720 civilians have been found and examined in the Kiev region, according to Naibo. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have also registered 150 robbery cases and charged 35 others. 30 cases of cooperation with the enemy were detected and 5 were charged.

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