War in Ukraine. The Russians have increased their warship activity in Europe

Journalists noted the increased activity of Russian ships and their intensity over the past year.

Russia spying on underwater links

Russia spying on area where submarine cables are embedded And Portugal is on its radar, CNN reported.

He also recalled Wednesday’s statement by NATO’s intelligence chief. David Gattler confirmed that the coalition is paying attention An increasing phenomenon of Russian warships near lines of communication.

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The Kremlin probably maps these networks. And they are very important because they are responsible for 95 percent. Internet exchange.

Portugal is a “strategic country”

The media in Portugal also reminds us that the country has a strategic location. This is Along its shores are telecommunication networks connecting Europe to North America, as well as connecting Europe to Africa. One of them is being built on the west coast of the country from the Iberian Peninsula.

The Portuguese portal eco.sapo.pt indicates that the threat from Russia is evidenced only by “incidents” with ships of this country in the area where submarine cables are laid. Events are increasing to raise awareness of this danger. That is why, in March and April, two conferences on this subject were held in Lisbon integration.

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