War in Ukraine. Hungarians oppose sanctions against Russia

Survey conducted Support for 15 types of sanctions against Russia and forms of support for Ukraine. Most of the respondents (81%) was against imposing restrictions on Russian tourists in Europeand against the purchase of arms by member states for the European Union (EU) and Ukraine.

Respondents also responded Against a ban on Russian oil imports (78%), training of Ukrainian soldiers by the EU (77%), complete cut-off of Russian gas (75%), supplies for nuclear power plants (74%) and coal (71%). Flights from Russia (68%) – including civil aircraft – against closing European airspace.

According to a survey A majority of Hungarians also do not support the expulsion of leading Russian politicians and diplomats from Europe (61 percent).Withdrawal of major international corporations from Russia (57 percent) and EU funding for Ukraine’s reconstruction (54 to 43 percent).

In only one case did proponents of prohibition have an advantage over their opponents: Introducing restrictions against Russian oligarchs and their estates (54% to 37%).

The survey was conducted in August on a panel of 1,000 people using the CATI method (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing).


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