Wait, what just happened in “Loki”?

The first half of Loki’s second season had me worried that we weren’t headed anywhere interesting. The loom is broken, we fixed the loom. The key to fixing it is the Kang variant that TVA will one day build itself. We found it, it’s twisted. OK.

But it turns out that Loki still has some surprises in store for him.

What looked like it would just be a different version (no pun intended) of a previous sequence where Mobius goes out to fix the loom, we’ve got Victory Timely doing the same thing using a different device again. No doubt it will be fixed, the Loom will begin to process all the timelines and Timely will begin his ascension into the man who will build TVA.

And that’s not what happened. never.

Instead, in one of the most shocking moments you’ve probably seen in the MCU, Timely walks out the basement door and immediately… eats spaghetti. There’s really no other way to put it. Not that I was too attached to Timely, but it was so unexpected that I laughed out loud.

But it’s not just time that suffers. That was their whole plan, and then we watch the entire loom, and seemingly all the timelines it was straining to contain, explode, with no more time to stop it. The episode cuts off just as the explosion is about to reach those still at TVA. As is every character on the show.

This is, of course, episode four of six.

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Even in Loki, a series about time travel, multiple timelines and multiple universes, where there can be a lot of paths out of this mess, it’s really hard to know what happens from here. I’m still trying to process what exactly happens if a) the TVA is destroyed and b) if the loom and those Timetables Are destroyed, or even if they are We are Destroying them or alternatively just dismantling them like an unfocused mess of snakes, and what that means for the universe in the future.

Loki, like many Marvel shows, should seem important and relevant to the MCU without being so also Important to the MCU so that you He should Watch it to understand the big blockbusters. For example, you didn’t really have to watch Loki to “get” anything that happened in the Multiverse of Madness, No Way Home, or Quantumania, despite the fact that at the end of Loki, it was largely relatable.

Here, I doubt Loki and company destroyed the entire MCU. So, the main question is how the main cast survives, whether it’s them, previous versions of them, alternate versions of them, or whatever is going on here. As for Victor Timely, who is definitely dead, I believe this specific incident was foretold by Miss Minutes saying “You’ll never be him,” referring to the Kang he was meant to become. Well, maybe he wasn’t meant to be Kang after all.

Again, it feels at the same time that because of the nature of Loki there are a million ways out of this, but it’s also very difficult to articulate one specific way that would potentially prove true. TVA survives the explosion! Loki bends time before all this to stop him! An army of Kang variants is attacking the timelines! I have no idea.

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But yeah, good job Loki, now I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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