SpaceX is conducting a successful static launch of its Starship vehicle

SpaceX is moving quickly with its Starship program. They have now performed the first static launch of the spacecraft, which will carry out the fifth mission.

Using all six Raptor engines, Starship 30 began its test campaign. The company is awaiting Federal Aviation Administration approval to conduct the fourth Starship flight, perhaps within a month or so.

The 6 engines, 3 sea level Raptors and 3 vacuum Raptors ran for approximately 4 seconds before shutting down. This may be the last stationary fire to occur at the launch site for a Starship vehicle after SpaceX added a new flame trench and mobile test platform at the Massey Test Site up the road from the production site.

If Flight 4 goes according to plan, Starship 30, coupled with Super Heavy Booster 12, could fly within a month if it receives expedited approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the launch site is ready. Booster 12 has already undergone two cold-resistant tests.

Elsewhere around Starbase, SpaceX continues to test the launch pad, most recently testing the speed of the chopstick arms that will eventually be used to catch the Super Heavy Booster. The last test was the quickest they have closed yet, but it looks like they will be making further improvements to ensure safe fishing.

SpaceX also conducted two cold resistance tests on Super Heavy Booster 13, adding another vehicle waiting its turn to take to the skies.

As the month progresses, we should see Super Heavy Booster 11 and Starship 29 return to the launch site to be stacked and undergo a wet rehearsal. If all goes smoothly, SpaceX will only have to wait for FAA approval to launch.

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When do you think the fourth trip will take place and will you accomplish more than the third trip?

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