A’s closer Mason Miller is attracting trade interest, but the asking price is steep

Naturally, teams are calling the Oakland Athletics with trade interest in 100 mph closer, right-hander Mason Miller. Franchisees naturally demand a lot in return.

No team has come close to meeting the A’s price, according to a team source. Probably no team would do that. Miller, 25, is not only Oakland’s best young player, but also the best player on the team. To get him, the team would likely need to offload a young player with similar ability, or a host of versatile youngsters who could be part of the first-team’s future.

Thus, if the Padres want Miller at this early stage, the A’s will likely ask for rookie center fielder Jackson Merrill. Other teams will receive similar requests. Baseball trade values It is estimated that a fair trade with the Baltimore Orioles would include two of Keith Law’s top 100 prospects: corner outfielder Kobe Mayo (No. 27) and outfielder Enrique Bradfield Jr. (No. 64).

Miller, who is making $740,000 this season, is ineligible for arbitration until 2026 and will remain under club control through 2029.

However, the A’s wouldn’t rule out trading him. Teams are having discussions about almost all players. The performance of most analgesics is variable. Miller missed nearly four months last season due to a mild sprain in his right elbow.

The A’s, on the other hand, say they plan to increase their payroll and improve their roster as they prepare for their scheduled move to Las Vegas in 2028. Miller could play an important role in the process, giving the franchise credibility and identity during the three seasons it plans to spend in Sacramento.

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Its value at the moment is very high. Miller helped fuel the A’s 18-21 start, going a perfect 8-for-8 on save opportunities. Not only does it give the team the best chance to stay in contention, but it also gives it its most convincing number since 2021, when Oakland’s roster included Matt Olson, Matt Chapman and Shaun Murphy, along with Frankie Montas, Shaun Mania and Chris Bassett.

In 16 1/3 innings, Miller struck out 33 while allowing just seven hits and four walks. His 55 percent strikeout rate is the highest ever among major league players. His ERA is 1.10. His opponents batting average is .125. And his projected numbers in both categories — 0.76 ERA, 0.087 batting average — are better.

No pitcher in baseball throws harder — Miller’s average fastball velocity of 100.8 mph is just ahead of Minnesota Twins outfielder John Doran, who is at 100.7 mph. In theory, the A’s could replace Miller with setup man Lucas Erceg, who has the sixth-highest average fastball velocity at 98.6. But Erceg and Miller’s 1-2 punch in the late innings proved incredibly valuable.

Talk of trading Miller will likely continue until the trade deadline, unless he is injured or moved sooner. If he leaves, the return numbers will be significant, perhaps even astonishing. Otherwise no need to worry.

(Mason Miller Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

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