Victor Orban and the war in Ukraine. Hungary will not stop supply from Russia

  • The Hungarian prime minister has said that “the Russian president has always kept his word, as he has agreed with Vladimir Putin so far.”
  • Despite the lack of a firm stance towards Russia, Orban assures that “the unity of the European Union is of paramount importance now.”
  • – The poles want to move the border of the Western world to the border of the Russian world – said Victor Orban. – That is why they strongly support Ukraine’s membership in NATO
  • – It is important to know that the Poles can trust the Hungarians, and we know that we can trust the Poles – said Victor Orban.
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In a recent interview with Hungarian media, Victor Orban said that Budapest was “at the crossroads of key geopolitical players.” “The Russians are changing the security map of the continent, and their view of security policy is that Russia needs to be surrounded by a neutral zone to feel safe,” Victor Orban told Montiner in an interview. Thus, the Hungarian Prime Minister repeats the Kremlin’s story of the alleged threat posed by Ukraine.

Victor Orban: Silence is real

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– Ukraine, formerly perceived as an intermediate zone, neutralized by diplomatic means, is now neutralized by military force. At the same time, Hungary must make it clear that war is unacceptable for any purpose, and those who choose this path are clearly condemned, Orban stressed.

The Hungarian prime minister said the peace was real and that the Russians demanded the same as before. – We condemn the attack of the Russians because they started the war against Ukraine. We need to get back to the negotiating table soon, ‘he added.

Orban on Putin: He always kept his word

The Hungarian prime minister was also asked about his relationship with Vladimir Putin. He then reassured them that they were right, because “he always kept his word, which he had agreed with him so far.” – We, the Hungarian government, did the same. Until recently, Hungarian-Russian relations were balanced and fair, he said.

Orban said the beginning of the war created a new situation for Hungary. In this new situation, the goals and interests of Hungary need to be redefined.

Trade union solidarity or energy cooperation with Russia? Orbán wants to choose between the two options

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– When it comes to sanctions, we will not veto or prevent the EU from imposing sanctions on Russia. The unity of the European Union is now paramount. As for post-war bilateral relations, one thing is certain: Victor Orban said Russia would continue after the war. – Hungary and the European Union will have their interests after the war. He added that there were no arguments to break the energy cooperation with Russia.

The Prime Minister said this was already the third war in his reign. Thanks to his experience working in government, he said he knew what strategic peace was: say a little, but do it accurately and responsibly. – The opposition wants to send weapons to shoot the Russians, or soldiers to fight with the Russians. It just shows that they have no routine, no knowledge, no responsibility. They are pouring oil on the fire with their irresponsible statements, which is against the interests of Hungary, said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Orbán: Poland wants to move the border of the western world

He described the importance of protecting NATO, and said that it was important for the security of the country to work together. – This is different from issues related to military policy because they knew we had different views (V4 – version. Now that the Russians have invaded Ukraine they can not ignore this issue because it is very important. We want to keep the Russians away from us, but here is an important tactical difference .

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– The poles want to move the border of the Western world to the border of the Russian world. If this can be achieved they will feel safe and NATO, including Poland, will be able to deploy adequate forces on the western border. Therefore, they strongly support the members of Ukraine in NATO – says Victor Orban. – However, the essence of Hungarian tactical thinking is that there should be a sufficiently wide and deep area between Russia and Hungary. Today this area is called Ukraine, he added.

“It is important to know that the Poles can trust the Hungarians, and we know we can trust the Poles,” he said.

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