The accused returned from the front. He burned his sister and his house – o2

Nexta has provided information on the tragedy. As we read, 55-year-old Oleg Grechko has been jailed several times in the past for murder. Like other Wagnerians, he was pardoned for his participation in the war. The man turned from the front and reached his home in Zavolzh, Nizhny Novgorod Region.

As reported by, on Thursday, September 28, Gresco had a fight with his sister. Enraged by this, the man poured petrol on the woman and set her on fire. Unfortunately, she could not be saved.

Wagner was also taken to the hospital. Grzeczko suffered burns on his hands. Immediately after leaving the hospital, he was arrested by law enforcement officers. He pleaded guilty at trial. He will be charged with aggravated murder.

Wagner’s group fought on the Russian side during the ongoing war in Ukraine. In June this year, its leader Yevgeny Prigozhin rebelled against Vladimir Putin and occupied Rostov-on-Don. After talks led by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, the dispute was resolved. Not for a long time.

On August 23, exactly two months after the mutiny, a plane carrying Prigozhin and Wagner Group commander Dmitri Utkin was shot down over Russia. All the passengers died in the accident – 10 people in total. Prigogine’s death led to the dissolution of the Wagner group.

Some of its mercenaries are based in Belarus, where they train the local army. The rest are absorbed by Roskvartia or sent directly to the army. It is worth remembering that many members of the group are still in Africa, where they protect the interests of the Kremlin – for example, in relation to the exploitation of natural resources.

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Wagner’s troupe is famous for its extraordinary brutality. Its members are ex-convicts who are pardoned for participating in the war. Mercenaries have allegedly committed crimes against civilians in Ukraine. Mass executions in Bucha, Hostomel, Irvine and Mariupol were the most famous.

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