US troops will be stationed in Finland. Here are the first details

As part of the negotiated bilateral Finnish-US agreement, the conditions for the presence of US troops on Finnish territory are defined, e.g. In connection with military maneuvers or storage of ammunition and weapons. No arrangements have been officially announced yet. Probably – experts say – the American armed forces will be given one of the Finnish airports and a port at their disposal.

– Will every European country want to fulfill its obligation in a situation where everyone is surprised and nobody is prepared? – Niinisto said in Helsinki during the meeting of the Association of Political Journalists. He referred to European defense capabilities and the war in Ukraine.

Continuation of the material below the video

Media: US Forces in the Arctic Circle

According to the daily “Iltalehti”, in Finland, the US Air Force will be provided with an airport and infrastructure above the Arctic Circle, which is used on a daily basis by the Lapland squadron of F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets. The base in Rovaniemi will receive the first of 64 new F-35 fighters bought by Finland, which will gradually replace older Hornets from 2026.

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