Lukashenka met Russian soldiers. He talked about Polish first aid kits – o2

According to Belarusian state agency Belda, Lukashenka has repeatedly said that Russian and Belarusian soldiers are “making a common cause.” A representative of Russian troops briefed Lukashenko on exercises and training of the command and staff.

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Lukashenko about first aid kits

The Belarusian president’s website reported that joint exercises were conducted by motorized rifle and armored units, special forces and air defense units of the two countries. – At this stage, the units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are ready to carry out the tasks assigned to them – said an official of the Russian army.

Belda claims that Lukashenko knew the location of military units and sub-units of the Russian Armed Forces. He spoke to the soldiers and officials. The captain paid special attention to the players’ personal first-aid kits. He assures that Belarus “has become better than Ukraine and NATO in a few months.”

Belarus carefully studied various options of personal first aid kits: NATO, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian. Western style first aid kits became more practical. “And in a few months they built a better first-aid kit than NATO,” Lukashenko said.

Joint exercises of Russians and Belarusians

On Thursday, Reuters agency cited a statement from the Ministry of Defense in Minsk as saying that Belarus is preparing for joint air force exercises with Russia. The ministry did not provide the date or details of the exercises.

Personnel, weapons, military and special equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will continue to arrive in Belarus, the ministry said in a statement.

Attack from Belarus?

Reports of the joint air force exercises come as Ukrainian officials and Western experts consider the scenario of an attack on Ukraine from Belarusian territory a real one. It is estimated that such an attack is unlikely to happen in the coming months. Belarus supports Russia in war, providing access to its territory and airfields; According to independent media, it also supplies ammunition and military equipment to Russia.

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