Georgians protest in the streets and at the opera. They blocked the center of Tbilisi

Violent protests have continued in Georgia after parliament adopted a so-called foreign agents law, which critics say threatens the country's freedom of speech and its bid to join the European Union.

People took to the streets of Tbilisi again on Thursday to demonstrate.

Demonstrators gathered in the city. There is a festival atmosphere that can turn into a festival of violence at any time. In the previous days, the police brutally tried to disperse the demonstrations.

Georgians are not just taking to the streets to express their opposition to the government's pro-Kremlin actions. A pro-EU demonstration was held today at the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater, where musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic performed.

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Maia Sandu supports protesting Georgians

Moldova's President Mia Sandu expressed support for the demonstrators through the X website. “Moldova stands with the people of Georgia, who demonstrate indomitable courage and deep attachment to democracy and freedom. We support their efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and build a future in line with European values,” he wrote.

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Parliament canceled session after protesters vandalized the building

Earlier on Thursday, the Georgian parliament canceled its session, citing damage to the building by protesters.

A parliamentary statement said the session was canceled after the building was damaged during Wednesday's protest and police used water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray against tens of thousands of demonstrators.

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