A terrible change after the Russian captivity. 4 cm of bones of the soldier are missing

Mykhailo Dianov was one of 215 Ukrainian security guards released from Russian prisons on Wednesday. However, a comparison of photographs provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense shows how brutally the Russians treated prisoners of war.

Mykhailo Dianov was a musician and Ukrainian soldier who defended the besieged Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol. After surrendering, he was captured by Russia, where he spent four months.

As Belsad reported, citing Ukrainian journalist Violeta Khrytoka, While in captivity, Dianov did not receive the necessary medical attention. A 4cm bone was missing from the jointed arm of the soldier. Dianov is currently undergoing treatment at a Kyiv hospital.

“Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dyanov is one of the lucky ones: unlike other prisoners of war, he escaped from Russian prison. In this way, Russia ‘puts’ the rules of the Geneva Convention. In this way, Russia continues the shameful tradition. Nazism” – wrote on the social media of the Ministry of National Defense of Ukraine, Dyanov Russian He compared photographs taken before captivity and after the prisoner exchange.

Belchat quotes the head of Ukrainian intelligence Many of the freed Ukrainian soldiers were tortured. Each of them needs psychological rehabilitation.

20,000 Russians may die near Kherson. What do commanders do?

Ukrainian President’s Cabinet Chief Andriy Yermak said on Wednesday night that 215 Ukrainian guards, including 10 foreigners, were released from Russian prisons as a result of a prisoner-of-war exchange agreed to by Turkey’s president. .

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Among those released are the defenders of Azovstal. In return, Ukraine handed over captured pro-Kremlin oligarch Viktor Medvechuk in April.

The defenders of Azovstal were released. Russia transferred them to Medvetchuk

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