United Kingdom: Female fired for short stature

Tracy Scholes, 57, at the end of last year She lost her job after 34 years, As it turned out New bus model Involved in service along its path 152 cm high It is not enough for her to lean back and look in the rearview mirror and reach for the pedals.

– When I started this job 34 years ago, I was able to drive everything in this depot. Since they made this change I can not drive this bus. If the bicycle or pedestrian is near the side of the vehicle, I do not see it It is not safe – Says.

After reporting these concerns to the employer, Go to firmie northwestFirst suspended and then Published with 12 week notice.

Scholes, with the support of the United Trade Union Confederation The company offered her the opportunity to travel the other way with the buses she could driveBut with fewer hours and lower pay. – I have three children, I am a widow and I have a mortgage. I can not accept the pay cut Scholes says. He will face a final appeal on Tuesday against the decision.

In an interview with the Guardian, he describes it The obstacles she had to overcome for many years to work as a driver. During his first interview, he was told that there were no women’s toilets at the depot and how to deal with “bad words” used by other drivers. The physical challenges of working while pregnant and the sexual harassment had to be addressed.

She endured everything without complaining to managementBecause he wanted “women to come and make way for buses”, but now he agrees The company decided to fire her because she was short in stature, She broke her heart. On the other hand, support from co-workers More than 13,000 people signed the petition against herBuilds.

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Go North West spokesman Scholes said He was a valuable member of the team and received many privileges, but they were turned down. – The design of the mirrors on our buses was agreed upon in consultation with Unite some time ago. All our other drivers can use them safely, like Tracy’s height. It is difficult to find firm, experienced and hard working bus drivers, so we will not act irresponsibly in such a situation. We regret that we had no choice but to stop working for this driver He announced.

The company has also confirmed that it is operating Improves the increase in the number of women At all levels, emphasis was placed on driving conditions. Its purpose The number of female bus drivers will increase from 11 percent to 20 percent by 2025

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