Spain’s sharp reaction to the Argentine president’s words. The messenger returns home

Spain announced it was downgrading relations with Argentina and recalled its ambassador in Buenos Aires. It was a reaction to Argentine President Javier Mille’s words in Madrid on Sunday when he called Becona Gomez, the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, “corrupt”.

Ambassador Maria Jesus Alonso’s departure will be permanent, Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Alvarez announced on Tuesday. In his place, the diplomatic mission in Buenos Aires will be led by the charge d’affaires.

The Spanish minister explained that the decision to withdraw the ambassador “definitely” was a reflection of President Millay’s non-apology to Prime Minister Sánchez and his wife.

On Sunday and Monday, Álvarez twice called on the Argentine president to officially apologize to the head of the Spanish government and his wife, threatening to sever diplomatic ties. He handed over his post to Roberto Bosch, the Argentine ambassador in Madrid.

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Argentina’s presidential spokesman, Manuel Atorni, announced on Monday that he would not be able to apologize to Milio. He also recalled the attacking words of members of the Sánchez government towards the Argentine leader: Spanish transport minister Oscar Puente said Milei was “taking things”.


The decision to withdraw the Spanish ambassador from Buenos Aires comes a month before Miley’s next trip to Madrid, where she will receive an award presented by the company. Juan de Mariana.

What did the president of Argentina say?

The Argentine president’s comments about Prime Minister Sanchez’s wife were made on Sunday during the Europa Viva 24 conference of right-wing parties at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid. Sánchez took a five-day break from fulfilling his duties as prime minister after a court in Madrid opened a case in April against Gomez for alleged corruption, Milei said, without naming the head of the Spanish government.

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– What a class of people clung to power (…). Even if he had a corrupt wife, he would get dirty and take five days to think about it, Javier Mili told a show in Madrid attended by more than 11,000 people.

Pedro Sanchez and his wife Pecona GomezReuters

Trial against Gomez

In April, a court in Madrid opened an investigation against Gomez for alleged corruption and use of political influence.

On Friday, Judge Juan Carlos Peinato heard the case involving Sanchez’s wife and questioned the first two witnesses. They are both journalists.

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Meanwhile, as the Madrid daily “El Pais” reported on Tuesday, the Spanish Gendarmerie (Guardia Civil) presented its opinion to the judge in the trial, pointing out the lack of evidence that Gomes used political influence.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/RODRIGO JIMENEZ

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