Ukraine. Ukrainians show off Russian bulletproof vests. “It’s Scrap”

The war in Ukraine continues and the Ukrainian army is defeated Next hits. A post can be seen on social media Russian Armored Personnel Carrier MT-LBIt was preemptively captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Car Didn’t make much of an impact on the players. They defined him “Transporter-Tractor” and “Ordinary Scrap Metal”. However, their attention was particularly drawn to them Bulletproof vestsin the vehicle.

The picture shows one of the Ukrainian soldiers Tears the materialWhat was under it Protect the Russians from the missiles. It turned out that there was … An ordinary piece of sheet metal. That is the real “ordinary scrap”.

Later in the video, soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces They experimented with “bullet proof vests”. They put pieces of metal on the ground and made demonstrations with their weapons. None of the metal pieces are covered with red paint He could not stop the Ukrainian bullets. An attempt to join two pieces of sheet metal together also failed – this also turned out to be the case Very little protection against gun bullets.

It’s still June British Ministry of Defence Self-proclaimed separatist republics aligned with the Kremlin have declared themselves armed by Russian soldiers and militias. Obsolete equipment. “It is very possible that the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (TRL) are equipped. Obsolete weapons and equipment. Ability to build and forward on both sides Reserve units It will probably become more and more The key to the end of the war” – underlined in a report in the second half of June.

too Ukrainian intelligence In the early stages of the war, he reported that the Russians were using it From Soviet-era equipment. “For updating combat capabilities Russia’s armed forces are increasingly using Soviet-made technology. For a long time – since 70s – It was in storage “- said the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in an April report.

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