Ukraine – Russia war live. Photos and latest information on 02/05/2022

The first war in Ukraine has been going on since February 24. The battle for Donbass is still pending. We publish the latest news, latest photos and videos directly. 24/7 coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on

  • Today marks the 68th day of the war in Ukraine. The Ukrainians will continue to try to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Yesterday 100 people left for Ukraine-controlled Saboria
  • Chevronetsk is in a very difficult situation. – The security of the city is very strong, so it will be very difficult to take the center of the Luhansk region. But the Orcs could take a different path – according to the Mariupol scenario – the head of the district authorities warns
  • – We believe the Kremlin has already made a decision to attack Moldova, says a member of the Ukrainian military quoted by the Times as saying.
  • In 2019, 27 civilians died in Donbass. In 2020 – 8. In 2021 – 15. Within two months of the start of the full-scale war, the death toll in Mariupol alone had reached tens of thousands. Since 2014. […] No one is hurting the Donbass people as much as Russia – admits Ukraine Presidential Adviser Mikhail Podolak
  • Ukrainian military intelligence says Russians are preparing for a cholera outbreak along the border with Ukraine. It said Russia could plan a provocation to accuse Kiev of “using biological weapons.”
  • Occupier troops fired back at Odessa with rockets, killing and injuring them, said Maxim Marchenko, head of the regional authorities.
  • The latest and current news of the war in Ukraine can be found on the main page of Radio ZET
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The war in Ukraine – live broadcast

Direct war in Ukraine. The Russians launched an invasion of our eastern neighbor on February 24, attacking it from all possible sides: sea, air and land. After several days of shelling strategic objects, the Russians shelled civilian buildings. In the absence of progress, the brutality of Russian troops against civilians increased. The death toll continues to rise.

Ukraine – Russia: Direct coverage

What fights are, where they take place and how Kiev prepares for the attack, you can follow directly on with 24 hour coverage. Every day we publish photos and videos of front-page witnesses from various places in Ukraine. The record also includes statements by experts and politicians on the current events in Ukraine and the possible circumstances for ending the war with Russia.

Fight for Donbass

The Russian invasion began Battle for DonbassThey have been preparing for that for a long time, but Ukraine will defend itself, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky during a video conference on Monday evening, Ukrinform reports.

– It can now be said that the Russian troops have started the war for the Donbass, for which they have been preparing for a long time. The President of Ukraine said that a large part of the entire Russian army is now focusing on this attack.

Mariupol: Russia sets a final warning

The Russian Defense Ministry said that if Ukrainian troops fighting in Mariupol lay down their arms at 6 a.m. Moscow time (5 a.m. Polish time) on Sunday, their lives would be saved, Reuters quoted a Russian DOS agency as saying. .

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Russia has previously said it has disbanded all urban protest centers in Mariupol. According to the Russian side, the rest of the Ukrainian and foreign fighters are banned on the Azovstel steelwork.

Dass quoted Russian Colonel General Mikhail Mijintsev as saying that Moscow’s offer was dictated by the facility’s “catastrophic situation” and “absolute human values.” The Russian added: “We guarantee that the lives of those who lay down their arms will be saved.” According to the terms of the proposed agreement, the remaining guards will leave the facility without weapons or ammunition from 6 am to 1 pm Moscow time. Authorities in Kiev did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Reuters reported.

Will Putin attack Ukraine with chemical weapons?

Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia is preparing to launch an attack with chemical weapons. He spoke in a similar fashion Joe Biden. On March 22, the US president pointed out that the successful defense of the Ukrainians could put Vladimir Putin “against the wall”, which could lead to him seeking chemical weapons.

– This is evidenced by the fact that Russia has spread false information that the United States has stockpiles of chemical weapons in Ukraine. It is a move to divert attention from the Russian leader’s intentions. Biden said this was a clear indication that he (Putin) was considering using both weapons.

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