Putin’s strange behavior attracted attention. He sat there for 12 minutes – o2

The Russian president met with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Thursday. The conversation is about the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has canceled a plan to attack the Azovstall metallurgical plant in Mariupol. He said the storm results were “unreasonable” and ordered Shoi to change plans.

He was sitting in an unnatural posture, shaking his legs

The conversation was broadcast live in the Russian media. After that, on social media, Internet users began to pay attention to Putin’s unusual behavior. The whole meeting lasted 12 minutes, with the Russian president still sitting in a monotonous, unnatural pose.

The leader was holding the table with his right hand, unable to pick it up, and his legs often moved nervously. In addition, his hands clearly trembled. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections in 2012.

Putin’s back pain

Since then, according to journalists, the Russian leadership has often suffered from back pain. Several records of the meetings show that Putin was lame. These are the next health issues for the President of Russia.

Journalists of the “project” studied that the average number of physicians in Putin’s entourage increased from five in 2016 and nine in 2017. Other team members include anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, epidemiologists, and intensive care physicians.

Uses alternative medicine

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