Poland is leading in Europe

A few days ago, Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with a local newspaper “We must not insult Russia.”.

It was not the first Report by the President of FranceThis seems to be at least vague in the context of the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine and suggests the need for concessions with the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin.

General Polko responds

General Roman Polco responded to the French president. In his opinion, “In short: we must not humiliate the guilty.” – First, it is necessary for such a person to lead a situation in which he regrets what he has done, to make a resolution of truth and to correct it, and then not to humiliate him. But the military said in an interview with Polsky Radio 24 on Sunday that no one was trying to insult Putin.

– We want to prevent the perpetrator from committing further genocide and we want the perpetrator to enjoy appropriate punishment. So much and only that. In this context, any issue raised by the President of France is absurd, “said the former GROM commander.

Polish leader

The guest of Polish Radio 24 estimated that “France and Germany have lost the true leadership of the European Union”. – Poland has become a leader and guide in Europe. You can see that they are very concerned about what is happening in Poland from Germany, France and other countries, they feel that the heart of Europe is here, which guarantees our security – he said.

“The President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain want to talk to us,” Roman Bolsco pointed out. – It is not our goal to devalue Germany. (…) This does not bother us at all, we are in joint arrangements, we are in NATO and the EU. Poland cares about a strong Germany, it builds its military capability and it returns to the position of a leader, and is not one who is quietly acquainted with Putin and plays more than helping in difficult situations, the general noted.

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