Ukraine blocks rail transport to Poland. “They support Lukashenko and Putin.”

From November 30, 2021, Ukrainian Railways has imposed an indefinite ban on loading all exports to Poland from 15 selected countries (including China, Russia, and Kazakhstan). The Ukrainian side illustrates this by upgrading the railway tracks.

– Operations carried out by the Ukrainian Railways in practice reduce the reduction in the transfer of cargo in freight through the territory of Ukraine in the east-west relationship sent to Poland and completely eliminate traffic. “We are the only European country affected by such an indefinite ban,” said Andrzej Olszewski, a member of the Polish State Railway Board.

Petition to the Prime Minister of Ukraine

Trade unions and railway workers protested the siege. Dozens of people besieged the Ukrainian embassy in Lublin.

According to trade unionists, the case is directly related to PKP Lini Hatnisa Serokodorova and indirectly PKP Kharkov. – Blocking traffic and violating all international agreements can have serious consequences in the form of a serious market disruption and our economic downturn. We expect the Ukrainians to fulfill their obligations. That’s what we want – says Miroslav Oleschuk, leader of the “unity” in the PKP Kharkov.

According to the plan, the railways will have to carry about 9 million tonnes of transport. The railways have estimated a 30% loss if the siege is lifted. – Such losses increase the risk of losing jobs. Our company employs about 1,300 people, so a significant portion of the work is at risk of liquidation – predicts Piotr Kobylarz, head of the NZSS “Solidarność” in the PKP LHS.

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– At this time, we know that traffic passes through Belarus and Kaliningrad. In this way, the Ukrainian side supports Lukashenko and Putin – Kopilars adds.

After a dozen or more minutes of protest, an embassy staffer approached union members, who received a petition from Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Anatolyevich Schmidt. “We urge the Prime Minister to take immediate action, to restore regular rail traffic on the routes to our country and to resign from any restrictions or restrictions that could tarnish the reputation of the Ukrainian Railways as a permanent partner” – we read in the petition. .

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