Joe Biden: More US troops in Poland if Russia invades Ukraine

The US President made the remarks at a press conference on the eve of his inauguration. Whether to consider withdrawing the rotation of U.S. troops in the area of ​​the former Warsaw Pact.

– We will not do this. In fact, if Russia decides to invade, we will increase our presence in Poland, Romania and other countries. Because We have a sacred commitment to protect these countries. The US president said they were part of NATO.

According to Biden, “further invasion of Ukraine will be catastrophic for Russia.” – Putin never saw the obstacles I promised him. He announced that NATO countries were united in their commitment to impose spending on Moscow.

The US president said the cost of military entry into Ukraine would be “huge in terms of casualties on the Russian side.” – They can succeed, but in the short, medium and long term they have to pay a high price. (Putin) will regret it, he said.

At the same time, he admitted it The type of sanctions depends on the size of Russia’s occupation. The US leader also “did not buy” the description of NATO’s disunity in the face of Russian aggression.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia.

It is important that everyone in NATO is on the same levelThat’s why I spend so much time on it, he recalled, that “serious” sanctions against Russia would also have a negative impact on the US and European economies.

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The US President said.If Russian forces cross the border and kill Ukrainian soldiers, it will change everything“.

– I am worried that the war in Ukraine may go out of hand. I hope Vladimir Putin understands that he is not in a good position to dominate the world, except for a full-scale nuclear war, he said.

He concluded that something worse than a deliberate war was an “accidental war.” He added The Russian president is likely to meet againIf it helps reduce tension.

Joe Biden also referred to domestic politics. He declared “we did” in the first year of his presidency Great progress in economic recovery and struggle against Govt-19“When asked about the poor referendum results, he rejected suggestions that he allegedly promised too much to voters.

He also suggested that the vast majority of voters “were unaware of the changes being made between community programs.” He also referred to the “opposition position” of the Republicans.

According to Biden, due to the reforms implemented The US economy is “much better than it was a year ago.”. Although inflation is a problem, he acknowledges that it is a “contagious problem in the supply chain”.

The US President announced that he would reduce inflation, including promoting competition for large corporations.

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