Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. Russian ships sailed for the Baltic Sea

Twenty Russian naval vessels set sail for the Baltic Sea on Monday. Units within multiple tactical teams must perform tasks as part of anti-ship and anti-aircraft defense. Reuters points out that the Russians are conducting exercises at a time when tensions with the West over Ukraine are rising.

“20 ships and units of the Baltic Fleet left their permanent positions and went to designated areas to train missions as part of war preparations,” the Russian navy said in a statement on Monday.

Ships in many tactical groups have to perform tasks as part of anti-ship and anti-aircraft defense, as well as anti-loop protection of units.

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“There will be a series of naval exercises in January and February to check the readiness of the navy and air force to defend Russian national interests in the world’s ocean and to counter military threats to the Russian Federation from maritime and maritime directions,” the RIA told Novosti.

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Last Thursday, the Ministry of Defense Russia Announced the intrigues of the Navy from Includes 140 ships, With more than 60 aircraft and 10,000 troops, will be deployed in January and February over the Mediterranean, Northern and Okhotsk Seas, and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Russian ships in the Baltic

Reuters reports that Russian exercises are taking place in the Baltic Sea at a time of rising tensions between Russia and the West surrounding Ukraine.

Russian officials have warned that they will “retaliate appropriately” if sent to the United States Extra troops in the eastern part of NATO. The New York Times reports that their numbers could rise to 50,000 if tensions escalate.

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So far, appeals from the United States and Western countries have called for the withdrawal of soldiers who have accumulated on the border with Russia Ukraine To no avail.

On Monday, the North Atlantic Coalition announced that “NATO forces are on high alert and are on high alert.” Additional ships and warplanes for bases in Eastern Europe, Thus enhancing the defense and security of allies as Russia concentrates forces around Ukraine.

Russian troops near UkrainePAP / Reuters / Maciej ZieliƄski

PAP, Reuters, RIA Novosti

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