CNN: The United States has evidence that Russia may be plotting to seize Kiev and overthrow the government

On Tuesday, CNN TV reported that the United States had information that Russia may be planning to invade Kiev and overthrow the current government. He cited representatives of the US administration as evidence. The administration is particularly concerned about the deployment of Russian troops in Belarus.

According to television, Washington still does not know whether the Kremlin took over, despite information in the possession of the United States. Decision on new occupation of Ukraine And what is the plan of Moscow.

“It simply came to our notice then There is evidence that Russia is planning to seize the Ukrainian capital, Kiev and the coup of the government, “The transfer of troops from the Russian Far East – the eastern military district – to Belarus is particularly worrying in this context,” the television report said.

A State Department spokesman shared these concerns during a telephone press conference on Tuesday. As mentioned Sending troops to Belarus It offers Russia more opportunities and directions to attack Ukraine.

He noted that although Russian soldiers had officially arrived for military training, they had not been notified in advance and that their numbers were higher than normal maneuvers.

The diplomat also said that it was questionable whether Belarus’ position of troops was actually controlled by Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus is a sovereign country.

He suggested that as a result of the Kremlin’s support for the struggles against its rule, Moscow was demanding that the dependent Belarusian dictator repay the debt.

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Another option cited by CNN is the Donbass’ very limited offensive to annex the region to Crimea. Nevertheless, neither the Ukrainian nor the US representatives were convinced of Russia’s intentions.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby assessed that Russian troops – along almost the entire Russian-Ukrainian border, in Crimea and Belarus – offered Russia “multiple options” in the pursuit of aggression.

After a series of talks with Russia last week, the TV station pointed out. There is distrust in Joe Biden’s management About the possibilities of a diplomatic way out of the crisis.

According to CNN, the administration is still considering what weapons to hand over to Ukraine so that it can defend itself against the attack. Protest in case of occupation of the country. Considered options include ammunition, motors, accessories for javelin anti-tank equipment and anti-aircraft systems.

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