First photos of the islands of Tonga after the volcanic eruption. Residents were cut off from the world

Three people have been killed and several others injured in the eruption of the Hanga Tonga-Hunga Ha’boy volcano in the Pacific, Tonga officials said in their first official statement. Residents of the archipelago have been cut off from internet connections and mobile phones. The islands are covered with volcanic ash. The extent of the damage can be seen in photos taken by satellites and aircraft.

The underwater volcano Hanga Tonga Hanga Habai erupted on Saturday in the Pacific Ocean. Caused a wave to hit the coast of Tonga. The tsunami also hit Japan on Saturday night.

The eruption continued to be minimal Eight minutes And, as the media writes, she is strong. Gas, ash and smoke were blown into the air. According to the US National Weather Service (NWS) A volcanic eruption was heard in Alaska. It is 9,600 kilometers from the eruption site. The shock wave created after the explosion reached Casprovi Weir.

Volcanic eruption in the Pacific. The shock wave reached Casprovi

Scientists indicate that It was the largest volcanic eruption in more than 30 years.

After the eruption of the volcano The water level in the coastal areas of Spain and Portugal has risen to 50 cm in some places. As scientists explain, the so-called effect Weather TsunamiThis was also felt in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

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This was pointed out by experts at the state meteorological agency AEMET in Madrid This atmospheric phenomenon was not much affected by the tsunami wave caused by the eruption of the Hanga Tonga volcano, but by the force of the eruption.

“It simply came to our notice then The appearance of an atmospheric pressure wave orbits the entire planet“- Experts explained. The largest increase in water level due to meteotsunami was recorded on Menorca beach – 50 cm.

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In the Tonga region, the water caused local flooding and flooding. The archipelago consists of more than 170 islands, the size of which is comparable to that of Japan. More than 100,000 people live in Tonga. People. According to preliminary Red Cross accounts 80,000 people could be affected by the volcanic eruption. Residents.

So far The Prime Minister’s Office in Tonga has confirmed three deaths – a 65-year-old woman from Mango and a 49-year-old woman from Nomuki, as well as a citizen of Great Britain.Whose age is not given. Tongan government officials acknowledged that their country was suffering from an “unprecedented catastrophe.”

All the houses on Mango Island have been destroyed. Work is underway to evacuate residents from the area, as well as from the islands of Atta and Phonofu. Other villages also suffered heavy losses. Services fear the death toll and injuries could be even higher.

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People panic, run and get injured. More casualties are likely, but we pray it does not happen Curtis Tuihalangi, Tonga’s vice president for Australia, said.

She saved the dogs and died. First tsunami death toll rises in Tonga

Tonga Islands have no internet connection and no mobile phone facilities. The disaster also cut off the communication cable that connects the archipelago to the world. Information from the islands comes from satellite phones.

Announced by the International Committee of the Red Cross Sends over 2.5 thousand water containers to the archipelago. Reuters reports that the Tongan navy is carrying the most devastating islands of the archipelago, medical teams, water and food reserves and tents.

On Monday, Australian and New Zealand services flew over Tonga to assess the extent of the losses. You can see how in the first aerial photos Volcanic ash covers islands in a thick layer.

We know the damage is significant New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Artern said.

A plane from New Zealand attempted to deliver clean drinking water and other supplies to the islands. Fua’amotu International Airport The main airport of the archipelago was not damaged by the explosion. However, there is volcanic ash on it, which prevents the planes from landing. It may take several days to clean the airport. An Australian C-130 military transport aircraft is also waiting with humanitarian assistance.

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This was stated by the Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne The rescue operation is being hampered not only by the magnitude of the flooding of the islands, but also by the “unimaginable amount of ash covering all-inclusive and communication issues”.

Two New Zealand navies and an Australian ship were sent from Tonga to assist the archipelago, which sailed for three to five days. New Zealand ships carry water, rescue teams and helicopters.

The Arctic Circle is located in what is known as the Tonga Archipelago, a region of constant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the Pacific Ocean.

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