Turkey will receive 25 percent. Discounts on the purchase of Ukrainian agricultural products

Ukraine has agreed to provide 25 percent to Turkey. Discounts on the purchase of agricultural products in exchange for mediation to revive the maritime trade, reports the Turkish daily “Yeni Sufak”.

Is Turkey Ready to act as arbitrator In regulating the export of grain from Ukrainian ports blocked by the Russian Navy – Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forests Vahit Kirisci “Yeni Safak” said in an interview.

According to the newspaper, representatives of Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the United Nations are set to meet in Istanbul to discuss merchant shipping issues in the Black Sea in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kriski said Ukraine fears that Russian ships may attack after the launch of the ship, and that safe exports of agricultural products require guarantees from third countries. As for Turkey, we say to Ukraine: you can take this food out, Russia will not attack you when the corridor opens – The newspaper quotes the words of the Minister.

He also mentioned the final terms of the talks with Russia “Grain Walkway”. We told Russia: Do not attack until this food is provided (…) Ukraine will take this stuff out because the world needs it. We are trying to be a bridge between these two countries – The Minister further said.

Kriski said negotiations on Ukrainian grain export terms were ongoing and that an agreement had already been reached with Ukraine to offer a rebate to Turkey. The Ukrainians agreed to give us a 25 percent discount. However, they have confusion regarding the safe export of goods. They want Turkey to be the referee. Russia and Ukraine only trust us Said the Minister.

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According to him, the meeting in Istanbul on Wednesday will be “research talks” on the resumption of grain exports from Ukraine.

Interfax-Ukraine quoted Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Agar as saying on Tuesday that there had been some progress in talks between Ukraine, Russia and the United Nations over the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports. According to the Minister, the political will to resolve this issue lies with the parties involved in the negotiations.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs argues that there is still no agreement on the creation of a sea route for secure grain supply.

We appreciate Turkey’s efforts to block Ukrainian ports. At the same time, it should be noted that there is currently no agreement in this regard between Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. We urge that decisions be made with the participation of all parties involved – Written in the press release.

The Ukrainians argue that Russia could prepare the grain export route for an attack.

Regarding Russia’s recent missile attack on the Mykolive grain terminal, We cannot rule out Russian plans to use such a sidewalk to attack Odessa And southern Ukraine. Therefore, effective security guarantees are required to resume shipping – Passed.

A few days ago Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine could export grain via Belarus to ports in the Baltic Sea. He also said that Russia would allow ships to pass through the port in Odessa, which is under Ukrainian control.

We guarantee the safety of access to these ports, the entry of foreign vessels and their movement in any direction in the Azov Sea and the Black Sea. Putin said. We will not use this situation to launch an attack from the sea – Added.

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(Ukrainians) need to mine ports and pick up sunken ships to facilitate access to ports in southern Ukraine. – Said the Russian president.

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