War in Ukraine. Surprising information about Russian forces. A retreat was announced, but later rescinded

Reports on The withdrawal of Russian troops appeared before 10 am. The news was published, among others, by the TASS agency, RIA Novosti and the largest Russian Internet portals.

Many sentences were due to the retreat of the soldiers The need to take “more favorable positions”.. At the same time, it was emphasized that the forces capable of “liberation” would be transferred to other parts of the front where Russian offensive operations were underway.

After a dozen or so minutes The message was denied. Some media reported that The information was “incorrectly” provided.

“News – the command of the Dnieper group has decided to regroup troops to more favorable positions east of the Dnieper – Canceled due to erroneous publication. We apologize to our subscribers and readers“- it was written.

Russia’s provocative actions

The Russian Defense Ministry has declared in a special statement that the information provided by the media is false.

Sends a fake message About the regrouping of troops in the Dnieper region, it was reported on behalf of the press center of the Russian Ministry of Defense is a trigger“- it was reported.

These statements were also commented on by the Ukrainian side. According to Experts from the National Resistance CenterThe Russian ministry deliberately sent false messages to the media, misleading not only public opinion, but above all the Ukrainian military.

According to analysts, no military sources confirm the movements of Russian units located on the left bank of the Dnieper.

“Currently, according to local reports, No significant enemy troop movements were recorded. So it can be concluded that an information operation is being carried out against Ukraine. However, we note that the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kherson region is only a matter of time, so, in reality, we only have an early liberation,” it added.

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