A Russian woman assaulted a child from Ukraine. After landing, she quickly regretted it – o2

The incident took place on a flight from Vienna to Valencia on which Ms Roscolana and her children were traveling. During the flight, the daughter got up and went to the toilet. At one point, the girl’s mother noticed a hand reach out from the seat in front of her and hit her daughter on the back.

He assaulted a young Ukrainian woman

The woman couldn’t help but believe what was happening, but moments later the passenger in front hit the child again. Mom responded immediately. When she turned to the nearly 50-year-old woman, she tried to pretend to be asleep.

The woman from Ukraine decided to report the matter to the flight crew. After some time the flight attendant managed to “wake up” the Russian woman. Without answering his questions, she said, “She [Ukrainki] Children don’t behave properly.”

The reason for the attack was … a pillow

Mrs. Roskolana, who had to leave Ukraine because of the Russian occupation, believes that the reason why the Russian woman attacked her child was … a pillow. The children had a pillow with an embroidered soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine A famous quote about a Russian ship War.

“This is the essence of the war in Ukraine”

As the Ukrainian woman reported on Facebook, before leaving the plane, she spoke loudly in English to other foreign passengers: “This is the essence of the war in Ukraine. He beats my child, others see it, say:” I didn’t do anything “and blame me for it”.

On the orders of the police, her mother and daughter went to the hospital with her daughter and lodged a complaint with the police.

Fortunately, the girl showed no signs of physical harm. Instead, one Ukrainian wrote that she would be shocked.

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