This is the palace of the pro-Putin oligarchy. It also has its own site [ZDJĘCIA]

  • Medvedev was placed under house arrest on suspicion of treason and attempting to steal raw materials in Crimea, which is annexed by Russia, in May last year.
  • Later, the prosecutor’s office reported new suspicions of high treason and support for the activities of a terrorist organization.
  • For years, he openly supported Vladimir Putin and had personal relationships with him. The president of Russia is the godfather of his daughter Tarina
  • It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
  • Slidstvo.Info journalists thanked activists who defended his property
  • At the site, they found a railway platform and a rich dining car, which the oligarch received as a birthday present from his wife.
  • Reporters photographed the Medwedczuk property. A post was also posted on the network and we are publishing it
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On the premises of the magnificent Viktor Medwedczuk Palace recently held by Slidstvo.Info journalists, a large object covered with green mesh catches the eye. It looks like a greenhouse or winter garden. Someone has made a great effort to hide what really exists.

Stage, Gold and Velvet

It turned out that under the web is a real railway platform, and on the platform – a dining car. As we read, the birthday present of the oligarchy of his wife Oksana Marchenko, who is currently in Moscow.

The platform also has rails, passenger benches and lights.

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There is a blue dining car on the tracks with the big gold word “Pullman”. “That was the name of the company that made luxury cars and train cars. Pullman dining cars like this were popular when rich Europeans traveled by train in the last century,” we read.

Upon entering the wagon, the press’s eyes glaze over with a moment of gilding, bright red velvet and white tablecloth. “It’s more of a museum than a wagon,” they note.

The car has a “main hall” for about 40 people, as well as several separate rooms: a kitchen, a VIP cabin and a toilet. At the entrance is a bar and on the mirrors is the Guild Code of the Russian Federation.

To the left of the bar is a table lamp. It is an exclusive product of the model Bronze de Art Franchise called “Napoleon LLL”. Lamp foundation green marble and ornaments pure gold.

The furniture is decorated with velvet and other expensive fabrics, and the lights are activated by pressing the touch buttons. The roof has a stained glass window.

Next to the Golden Zamorak, which has a special impact on reporters, is the gateway to the VIP box. It’s like a traditional train car, very luxurious. After pressing the wooden button, the TV is lowered onto the table.

Gold is everywhere, even in the kitchen of the toilet and train box.

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Journalists of the Ukrainian intelligence portal Slidstvo.Info were able to reach the man who took part in the creation of the Vegan. As he says, this is not the original Pullman wagon, but an almost identical copy that Medvedev received from his wife on August 7, 2021.

The wagon was built in about a year, and nearly a hundred people worked on it. Beneath it will be a large kitchen and a pantry to store food.

It is difficult to estimate the total price of such a wagon, but looking at the next details, the amount should be really staggering.

Ukrainian railway officials have already commented on the matter.

“We are working at full capacity to evacuate people, including movement problems and children, so one more car would be useful,” they say.

View the record from Medwedczuk’s mansion:

Victor Medvetsuk – Putin’s closest ally

Victor Medvetsk has been an active member of Ukrainian politics for many years. He is a lawyer by profession. In the 90s he ran his own law firm. He entered politics in 1997 and was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the Supreme Council. A year later he became the leader of the United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine.

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In 2002 he became the boss Administration of the President of Ukraine under the authority of Leonid Kuchma. He held that position for nearly three years. His political position weakened after the “Orange Revolution”. He later resigned as leader of the United Social Democratic Party of Ukraine.

In later years, Medvedev openly supported Vladimir Putin and had a personal relationship with him. The president of Russia is the godfather of his daughter Tarina.

Medvedev is opposed to Ukraine joining the European Union and tightening ties with the West. In the 2019 parliamentary elections, Vergovna was re-elected to Rada on behalf of the opposition platform – For Life, which was largely made up of former politicians from the regional party Viktor Yanukovych.

In May last year, he was placed under house arrest on charges of treason and attempting to steal raw materials in Crimea, which is annexed by Russia. Later, the prosecutor’s office informed him that he had been placed on new suspicion of treason and support for the activities of a terrorist organization. It relates to links to the illegal distribution of coal from the separatist republics in Donbass in 2014 and early 2015.

The oligarchy escaped from house arrest four days after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

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