Russia – Ukraine. The end of the Middle Ages for carriers from Russia and Belarus

The end of the interim period of roadblocks on the territory of the EU territory of carriers from Russia and Belarus as part of the sanctions following the Russian occupation of Ukraine is from Saturday to Sunday midnight. On Saturday evening, the waiting time for trucks across the Polish-Belarusian border in Poprovnik was 28 hours, with about 500 trucks in line. On the other hand, from Friday to Saturday midnight, as part of the protest ban, the driving ban introduced by Belarus for vehicles registered in the European Union is in effect.

Midnight from Saturday to Sunday is the end of the transition period In the fifth set of EU sanctions against Russian and Belarusian carriers. The interim period, which began on April 9, was established so that drivers executing orders in the EU region could reach the border and leave the EU in a timely manner.

At the end of this period, trucks with Belarusian or Russian registration numbers will only be able to cross the border when transported by postal service as part of a global service. Exceptions apply to goods passing through the EU between Kaliningrad Oblast and other parts of Russia, and the movement of such goods is not prohibited.

Line of trucks before crossing in Poprovniki

The Podlasie National Tax Administration said the waiting time for trucks to cross the Polish-Belarusian border in Poprovnik on Saturday evening was 28 hours, with 509 trucks in line. There were still 42 hours in the morning, with 750 trucks lined up. The line was then 16 kilometers long.

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The car of the Russian and Belarusian carrier will not leave the EU with the goods

As KAS explained, truck drivers queuing at midnight will face no consequences and could leave the EU if they do not carry restricted items. Carriers from Russia and Belarus who wish to stand in line after midnight will be fined for violating the obligations or conditions of road traffic under the Road Traffic Act. KAS announced that the car would not leave the EU with cargo and would die. For example, goods must be returned to the place of loading or transferred to vehicles of carriers not prohibited from the EU.

“By introducing restrictions, the Governments of the Russian Federation of Poland and the Government of the Republic of Belarus have taken into account the possibility of introducing counter-barriers against road carriers of EU member states” – stressed the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure.

Belarusian sanctions against the EU

Belarus has decided to introduce anti-sanctions. According to the website of the Belarusian Ministry of Transport and Communications, motor vehicles – cars and tractors – registered in the European Union – will not be allowed to cross the Eurasian border into Belarus from 0.00 am on Saturday. BiełTA points out that this is in response to EU sanctions.

The ban does not apply to driving tractors across the border designated to carry out freight operations or to refine a semi-trailer. Under this exception – as explained by the Polish MI – “cars and trucks registered in the European Union enter Belarus via the border only at well-defined locations where the trailer can be loaded / unloaded with another truck”.

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The ban does not apply to EU – registered vehicles entering Belarus until April 16 this year. In addition, these restrictions do not apply to vehicles carrying postal items or live animals.

“In view of this, the Ministry of Infrastructure advises Polish citizens and road drivers not to travel to Belarus, and recommends that those who own vehicles in Belarus return to Poland immediately,” the statement said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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