Elon Musk agrees with a tweet saying “The game is fake” if he can’t buy Twitter

Elon Musknoisy attempt to buy Twitter Follow on Saturday as the Tesla CEO took to the social media platform to back claims that the “game is rigged” if his attempts fail.

“If the game was fair, Elon would buy Twitter. If the game was rigged, there would be a reason why he couldn’t,” said David Sacks, co-founder of venture capital firm Craft Ventures David Sacks on Twitter. “We are about to find out how deep the corruption is.”

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Musk responded to the comment with a simple “Indeed” — boosting his Twitter engagement, including with his recent bid to buy the social media company.

Musk made an unsolicited $43 billion bid this week to buy Twitter after he quietly claimed he had become the largest shareholder and owns a 9.2 percent stake in the company.

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Although shortly after he made his claims, the Vanguard group passed him by as largest shareholder After it acquired 10.3 percent of the company.

Twitter’s board of directors responded on Friday by saying they would come up with a plan to block Musk’s attempts.

Musk criticized the social media site last month for what he saw as a failure to adhere to the principles of free speech.

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Musk, who has 82.2 million followers, tweeted on March 26: “Given Twitter as a de facto public square for the city, failure to adhere to the principles of free speech fundamentally undermines democracy.”

Obviously, Musk decided to buy the social media company and add it to his list of companies.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk speaks at the Tesla Giga Texas plant "Cyber ​​Rodeo" Grand Opening Ceremony in Austin, Texas, April 7, 2022 (Photo by Susan Cordero/AFP via Getty Images)

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk speaks at the grand opening ceremony of Tesla Giga Texas maker “Cyber ​​Rodeo” in Austin, Texas, on April 7, 2022. (Susan Cordero/AFP via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Tesla’s CEO is now relying on the social media platform as he competes with the company’s board of directors in a bid to become the next owner of Twitter.

Musk responded to a Twitter user who noted that “a Twitter board member has never logged into Twitter,” Telsa contributor James Stevenson said, along with a profile picture of Twitter board member Robert Zoellick that showed no posts. .

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“Imagine a member of the Comcast board of directors who has never watched television before,” he added.

Musk responded to the comment with “!”.

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