Third attack wave of Russians. They have a new strategy

According to the Ukrainian expert, the third wave of attacks on Avdiivka has been going on for at least a week. According to him, Russia has problems using its reserves due to the rainy season.

– This is the Donbas, where there is more than half a meter of black soil on the wet ground – it is practically liquid concrete, which does not allow any kind of equipment to pass, he said.

So the Russians have decided on a new strategy, he said. This includes vehicles covering infantry from long distances or paved roads. However, cannons increasingly entered battle instead of wheeled vehicles.

Continuation of the material below the video

Sweeten estimated that artillery units were generally not numerous and that a regiment consisted of 30 men. However, there will be many such waves, even several dozen per day.

– They die, they definitely leave. But successive waves do not stop, there is a schedule. It is similar to what Russia has already used in the Bagmud area. Then it transferred the labor to our positions, said Swithan.

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