Who Has the Most NFL Championships? The Biggest Super Bowl Winners of All Time


The Super Bowl happens yearly to choose the most valuable National Football League (NFL) team. Out of 32 teams in the NFL, only a few made their way to the top.
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Now, here are the NFL teams with the most wins in the Super Bowl.

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The team you could ever think of when it comes to the NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although they only appeared eight times in the event, the Steelers built a reputation, being the team with the most championship titles and gathering six total victories in the NFL. Until now, the Super Bowl record of the Steelers remains unbeatable. 

In 1975, the Steelers shocked the world with their first-ever Super Bowl victory defeating the Minnesota Vikings with a score of 16-6. Following the 70’s year, the Steelers won again for the third time.

  • 1974, Defeated Minnesota Vikings (16-6)
  • 1975, Defeated Dallas Cowboys (21-17)
  • 1978, Defeated Dallas Cowboys (35-31)
  • 1979, Defeated Los Angeles Rams (31-19)
  • 2005, Defeated Seattle Seahawks (21-10)
  • 2008, Defeated Arizona Cardinals (27-23)

New England Patriots

After the Steelers, New England Patriots also set the standards of the NFL, winning six Super Bowl victories since 2001. The Patriots showed up eleven times in the Super Bowl event defeating many teams with their strong teamwork led by Tom Brady. 

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Following their first victory in 2001, the Patriots returned in 2003, defeating Carolina Panthers with a score of 32-29. In addition, the last victory that concluded their six wins was in 2018 with the score of 13-3, defeating the team of Los Angeles Rams.

The Dallas Cowboys 

One of the popular football teams in the Super Bowl event is the Dallas Cowboys. Their outstanding performance gathered three straight victories within four years. Also, they have beaten teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins.

In addition, the Dallas Cowboys succeeded in many games, and their first triumph was in 1971 when they defeated Miami Dolphins with number points of 24-3. On the other hand, their final victory happened in 1995, and conquering the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers for the second time was the most satisfying moment for Dallas’.

Nothing Beats The Best!

Indeed, the best players are the ones that strive harder to achieve the goal of another. On top of that, a Football team won’t function without the members and coaches; good teamwork is key to victory.

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