[Master Duel] Tryout Duel Rental 2 contest

Call the geologist.

The second edition of the Tryout Duel Rental contest starts today and runs through May 13 (time zones apply). Much like the previous version, by winning 3 matches you will get 1 free pack from the latest collection, this time it is 1 pack of Strong Will. The borrowed floors are as follows:

– A cumbersome, but impenetrable shield

“A deck inspired by the EARTH Cyberse-Type monster,” G-Golem. Collect Link Materials and target Link Summons with cards such as the “G Golem Pebble Dog”, which has the effect of special summoning or placing a monster of the same name on your hand, or the “G Golem Rock Hammer” which can be a special summon 3″ G Golem Token In particular, the ‘G Golem Invalid Dolmen’ can become a powerful Link Monster defense by linking them together.”

Crystal rainbow bow

7 different monsters will be absorbed into a Dragon-type trump in the “Crystal Beast” deck. This deck focuses on the “Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive”, a new Fusion Monster that can be summoned from the Extra Deck. This powerful trump can reach Up to 11,000 ATK when 7 or more different “Crystal Beast” monsters are banished. Plus, you’ll unlock new Spell and Trap Cards for you to build new strategies, making this deck even more powerful.”

A gem shimmering with brilliance

Deck a “Gem-Knight” using Fusion Summon as its primary tactic. The focus is on the Scatter Fusion, which provides a new means of Fusion Summoning, and the Knight Quartz Gem, a monster that has the effect of drawing that card in your hand. Use these effects to summon various “Gem-Knight” fusion monsters. New Fusion Monster “Gem-Knight Lady Rose Diamond” has been added to the bonus deck as well. You don’t want to miss out on “Knights of the Gem!”

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