Apex Legends players criticize Three Strikes LTM’s “infuriating” respawn glitch.

Apex Legends fans are fed up with one “irritating” glitch in Three Strikes LTM that puts them back in the middle of the map no matter what.

Apex Legends’ Three Strikes LTM has been a huge hit with the community, with many calling on developer Respawn Entertainment to make it a permanent addition to the game.

Unfortunately, the new LTM isn’t without its quirks and hiccups, like an annoying exploit discovered by players that allows teams to kill players who’ve been kicked.

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Now, Apex Legends fans have expressed their frustration over another “infuriating” glitch that has appeared in Three Strikes, which has seemingly cost several teams their matches.

Apex Legends vented frustration over Three Strikes respawn glitch

a mail On Apex Legends com.subreddit Draw the community’s attention to the bug.

OP included a screenshot of the glitch in action, showing that their team members were teleported directly to the center of Olympus, even though the storm had already taken over the majority of the map.

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“It literally cost us the game, because the game decided to put 2/3 of our team back including me in the center of the map instead of our other teammate,” they explained.

According to other commenters, this is not an isolated incident, as they also claimed that games have been ruined by this repost glitch.

“It’s happened to me about 10 times in the last 24 hours,” one player said. “When it happens in Stormpoint, it pins me to a rock so I die on every hit. Very infuriating.”

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Some players claimed that Valkyrie was the reason behind these respawn issues in Three Strikes, with some arguing that Respawn should be “forcibly disabled” until the glitch is fixed.

One fan said that while Three Strikes is “annoying” it makes it fairly easy to recover from this glitch. “All you have to do is revive yourself constantly and in a staggered manner. Since you get a very large amount of health when you revive in this mode….you can technically only revive staggered all the way through the ring to your teammate.

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Although it may be recoverable, it is still undoubtedly frustrating to have a match ruined by something beyond the player’s control. With the Three Strikes LTM mode ending in the coming days, it’s unclear if this glitch will be fixed before the game mode ends for good.

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