There are two genders. That’s it

Richard Dawkins assessed that these activists “behave as if they were not biological”. “As a biologist, I say there are two sexes, and that’s it,” Dawkins tweeted.

World famous writer J.K. Rowling has been against gender reassignment surgeries for years. The author of the best-selling series of books about teenage wizard Harry Potter has hinted he was “bullied” by his approach.

“Science is the answer”

On “Pierce Morgan Uncensored” a few days ago, Richard Dawkins said it was very disturbing that “this minority of people are hijacking the discourse and talking really insane nonsense.” When the lecturer asked what the answer should be, Dawkins simply said: “Science”.

Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, recalls that throughout his time at universities, he encouraged debate. “Why have we lost the ability to have an open and honest debate?” Asked by Morgan, Dawkins replied: “There are people for whom the word ‘debate’ is not synonymous with debate. Rather, it means that they have taken a position,” while “I think it’s fair to debate.

Writer J.K. Not only Rowling, but Dawkins, known as a militant atheist, has suffered major damage to her reputation for defending the position that there are only two genders, including demanding the return of awards or honors previously awarded. .

Anti-Christian game calls for “unleash rage” against LGBT critics

A video game featuring a transgender hero who kills LGBT critics, including a priest, was released two months before the shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. Some media outlets in the US accused the LGBT movement of fueling the aggressive rhetoric that led to the Nashville school shooting.

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Potal reports on a computer game that lets you play as a hero who must escape a “fascist concentration camp for transgender people” and kill LGBT critics, including priests, on the road to freedom. The game is designed to “unleash fury against gender-critical tyrants” using an “arsenal of deadly weapons”.

The game’s name, “Terfenstein 3D”, refers to the pejorative term TERF, which means “a supporter of radical feminism, a person who believes that transgender gender identity is not justified, is anti-transgender and gender non-conforming. People”.

The game is a spin-off of the video game classic Wolfenstein – the longest-running series of first-person shooters in which the main character, an American soldier, fights evil Nazis. However, in Derfenstein 3D, the Nazis must be killed by LGBT enemies, such as clergy and transgender critics.

“This game shows LGBTQAI+, transgender and feminist themes and what a post-apocalyptic world would look like if gender fascists prevailed. In this dystopian world, fascists kill all transgender and queer people and imprison them for harsh treatment, imprisonment and death. Escape from a camp and get revenge. The game exposes the real transphobic violence that many transgender people face for their existence,” the game’s description reads.

The game was released in mid-January this year by Transgame developer Sandra Moen and is available on Steam’s digital video game distribution service.

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