Russians argue with each other about looting. 4 soldiers were killed

Four Russian soldiers were killed and ten wounded as a result of gunfire that erupted during an altercation with enemy troops near the town of Dokmok, authorities in the Zaporozhye region in southern Ukraine said in a telegram on Saturday.

“According to the reports of Ukrainian intelligence, In the temporarily occupied territories, the number of armed conflicts between the invading forces is increasing. The reasons for these incidents were trivial – ethnic conflicts and conflicts over the distribution of goods stolen from the Ukrainian population. Participants in these conflicts, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, try to protect their loot “- says the report of the local administration.

Reports of clashes among Russian troops have been emerging since February 24, the start of the Kremlin’s invasion of the neighboring country. In mid-April, the authorities of the Zaporizhzhya region announced that the so-called Chechen soldiers of the Russian National Guard. Kadyrovtsy brutally killed three Russian soldierswho refused to participate in the fighting in Ukraine because they did not receive the promised salary.

Chechen soldiers are used in Ukraine, incl. In blocking units, i.e. systems that resist withdrawal from the battlefield. According to many sources, the army of the Caucasian Republic is occupied by representatives of Russians and other nationalities who fight on the side of the aggressor and occupy a well-paid and privileged position.

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