The wife advises the Russian to seduce herself. This is how he should go home – o2

The Directorate General of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine continued to intercept the talks of Russian soldiers, They are often evidence of a lack of expertise in the “Second World Army”. The Russians do not want to fight for their own lives, they are looking for different ways to avoid war and get to Russia.

“Distrust of command”

The most recent intercepted phone conversation was between the occupier and his wife. The Russians say their regiment did not want an “attack” because of “distrust of command and heavy casualties.”

As he says, several dozen soldiers may have survived – others killed or seriously wounded. The soldier wonders if he can continue fighting or return to Russia “with shame.” According to him, a large number of people return to Russia and write reports about dismissal.

Everything is done at work. Commanders are real f ** kers. It does not even have basic equipment. Everything is old, no bedside lights. No thermal imaging cameras, no night lights, Russian complaint.

“Smart people sprain their ankles”

His wife offers him to find a way back home. For example, some intelligent people “sprained their ankle, and thus were able to go to Russia.” According to the Russian, now Soldiers return home only in three cases: serious injury, death of himself or a close relative.

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