Aaron Sorkin says he's writing a sequel to 'The Social Network'.

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Aaron Sorkin is writing a new movie that could serve as a sequel Social network.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter announced the news when asked during a live edition of DC City Podcast On how Facebook and social media have affected democracy in the years since its 2010 strike.

“Look, yeah, I’m going to write about this,” Sorkin told Matthew Bellone and Peter Hamby. “I blame Facebook for January 6.”

When asked why a social media company was being blamed for the pro-Donald Trump mob storming the US Capitol, Sorkin replied: “You're going to need to buy a movie ticket.”

Pressed if that meant he specifically wrote this idea as a movie, Sorkin replied: “I'm trying. Facebook has, among other things, fine-tuned its algorithm to promote the most divisive material possible. Because that's what will increase engagement. This It's what will get you to – what they call inside the halls of Facebook – the “infinite roll”… There's supposed to be a constant tension at Facebook between growth and integrity. There's only growth if Mark Zuckerberg wakes up tomorrow morning and realizes there's nothing you can do Buy it for $120 billion you can't buy it for $119 billion so what if I make a little less money and I'll adjust the integrity and adjust the growth Yes, you can do that by turning one to zero.

Sources close to Sorkin confirmed on Friday that the writer is working on a book social network– An adjacent scenario, but he stressed that the project was in its early days and there was no partner in the studio yet.

Sorkin had previously been working on a script for January 6 and ultimately did not move forward. It is unclear whether elements of this effort will find their way into the new text.

Sorkin has previously stated that he hopes to write A.J social network A sequel to “The Dark Side of Facebook,” especially if David Fincher returns to direct. “I think what's happened with Facebook in the last few years is a story worth telling, and there's a way to tell it as a follow-up to… Social networkThat's as far as I know, he said THR In 2021. In 2020, Sorkin told… Happy sad confused Podcast: “People have talked to me about [a sequel] Because what we discovered is the dark side of Facebook. Do I want to write this movie? yes I do. I'll just write it then [David Fincher] He guides him. If Billy Wilder came back from the grave and said he wanted to direct the movie, I'd say I'd just do it with David.

during City podcast, Sorkin was also asked West wing It could still work as a TV show today.

“The series premiered in 1999, and a lot of the letters we got started with, ‘I'm a Republican and I don't agree with the political positions your characters take,' but what they appreciated was [the characters’] “A sense of patriotism and a sense of obligation,” he said. “The show has romanticized public service… I don't know that in today's climate, you would hear the phrase, 'I'm a Republican, but.' I think they're probably going to view the whole thing as an attack on what's going on right now.”

Sorkin also warned that Palestinian protesters at the Democratic National Convention in August could lead to Trump's re-election.

“I hope the students — the people who are planning to demonstrate there, and I support the demonstration — will remember that Nixon barely beat Humphrey in 1968, and it is very likely that the scene of the riots in [DNC convention]It turned some people away from the Democrats. “I hope people in particular remember that despite the complexity and importance of the war in Gaza, this is an election about Trump versus not Trump, and there is an existential choice there.”

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