Ctula is a leftist who attacks Catholics. It talks about the Holy Land and the diaspora

Catholics like to go on pilgrimage to the Holy Land to visit the places where Christ’s sojourn was active. When outsiders come to them from the Holy Land, they separate themselves with a fence and order them to go back – Dr. Maciej Gdula, left-wing member of parliament. He may be referring to the construction of a temporary dam that has recently started on the border with Russia. According to the Border Guard, it was established at its request. In turn, at the beginning of October, the construction of a dam on the border of Belarus was completed, which will make it easier to stop the waves of illegal immigrants brought by the Belarusian authorities from Congo, Cameroon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. .

“Best preserved in Europe”. A dam is ready on the border with Belarus

Poland has completed the construction of a dam on the border with Belarus, and illegal entry into Poland is now impossible – he said on Saturday …

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“Catholics are very consistent. They enjoy going on pilgrimage »holy land«To visit places where Christ the Outsider starred. While from outsiders »holy land« Fencing themselves and telling them to go back. Catholicism today is a cult of hypocrisy, left-wing politician MP Maciej Kdula wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

On Wednesday, near Wystinik on Poland’s border with Kaliningrad Oblast, a temporary dam of about 100 m was built, consisting of 3 rows of razor wire. The dam is 2.5 m high and 3 m wide. Border with Russia.

The first part of the temporary dam was built near the villages of Polci, Żerdziny and Wisztyniec. It starts a few meters from the symbolic border post at the border crossing point of Poland, Russia and Lithuania. 20 soldiers are involved in the construction of the dam. Concert on metal posts driven into the ground at a height of about 3m.

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Demand of the Border Guard regarding the dam

However, the decision to build a dam on Russia’s border was not made by the Catholic Church – as Ktula’s words might suggest – but by the government at the request of the border guard.

Ewelina Szczepańska from the Border Guard Headquarters reminded that an electronic barrier will be built on this border, that is, another element of the Eastern border security system.

– At our request, there will also be a temporary barrier made of razor wire. It has already been established, partly by soldiers, he insisted. The official noted that the Polish-Russian border is calm and stable at the moment.

Kaminsky: A dam separates us from Lukashenka’s dark dictatorship

The dam built on the Polish-Belarusian border separates us from the dark dictatorship of Alyaksandr Lukashenka – the minister reiterated …

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The head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Blaszak, announced on Wednesday that work will also be carried out on the installation of devices that allow for electronic border surveillance. In response to disturbing reports that the airport in Kaliningrad Oblast had been opened for flights from the central region, the deputy prime minister said he had decided to take steps to strengthen security at the Polish border with Kaliningrad Oblast by “sealing this border”. East and North Africa.

On the other hand, the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kaminsky, in a briefing at the ministry on Wednesday, assessed that the border with Russia is safe so far, but other scenarios are currently being considered.

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On Wednesday, at the site of the operation carried out by the soldiers, no one was seen on the Russian border, where only one camera was set up. On the other hand, on the border between Lithuania and Russia, there is a mesh fence, topped with a layer of concertina, and cameras on posts every few dozen meters.

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Paweł Jabłoński, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noted the situation on Poland’s borders with Russia and Belarus. – Anyone who can pay attention – we all very nervously followed what was happening on the border of Belarus in the last months of last year – we should all know that this threat is real, that the transports can be organized. Again – said Jabłoński.

Dam on the border with Belarus. Vice-President of the Ministry of Interior and Administration: He has already improved the security of Poland

The dam on the Polish-Belarusian border, although not yet completed, has already improved the security of Poland – assessed on Friday the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Błażej …

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As he emphasized, “These are not war refugees, they are people fleeing war.” – These are people who were deliberately encouraged to travel to Belarus (…), and today it is very possible – to Russia, and then to cross the borders illegally in mass groups and enter our territory. The deputy head of the foreign ministry argued that there could also be people associated with terrorist organizations, and indeed, this is a serious matter.

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October 1 Stanislaw Żaryn, Deputy Minister of the Coordinator of Special Services of the Republic of Poland said. Poland has completed construction of a dam on the border with Belarus, and illegal entry into Poland is now impossible.

An electronic barrier on the border with Belarus, which includes, among other things, cameras and motion sensors has already been installed. In the summer, a permanent physical barrier was completed there, a five-meter iron fence covered with barbed wire.

Where do Polish border migrants come from?

Last Friday alone, 60 foreigners tried to enter Poland illegally through the Belarusian border. Citizens of Egypt, Syria and Yemen. According to the last day’s report by the Border Guard, another group crossed the border at the river Swissloch. This time a total of fourteen people – citizens of Cameroon, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Yemen and Syria – swam across the Swissloch at several points.

Let us also remind you that on the Polish-Belarusian border, the aggressive behavior of migrants towards the authorities of the Polish services has happened more than once. Some foreigners also tried to destroy the dam.

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