The war in Ukraine calls German promises to replace tanks a sham, according to the foreign ministry’s deputy minister.

German promises to replace armored weapons turned out to be a scam – commented Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, Deputy Head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an interview with “Spiegl” on Friday. It was about Germany’s actions regarding the exchange of arms (the so-called Ringdash) between the Polish, Ukrainian and German sides. As the deputy minister added, “The Germans gave Poland older tanks than we gave Ukraine.”

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As the deputy minister emphasized, from the Polish point of view, Germany’s offers are “unacceptable”, which is why Poland is now counting on the help of other NATO partners.

– First, the Germans gave the Poles older tanks than we gave to Ukraine. We cannot accept such a proposal, because it is not our goal to worsen the state of our weapons and train our soldiers with equipment from the 1960s – Sinkowski explains Well Sack, and insists that the Germans “provided a symbolic number of tanks” to Poland. “.

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– It is difficult to consider this as a serious offer after delivering 200 tanks to Ukraine in two months – he emphasized.

As Szynkowski vel Sęk added, for this reason Poland wants to negotiate with other NATO partners, “who really want to help us” – like the United States or Great Britain, which are already handing over their tanks to Poland.

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According to a decision of the Bundestag in late April, the Ukrainian army is to receive heavy weapons through an exchange (Ringtausch), under which several NATO partners will supply Ukraine with their old Soviet-built tanks. .

The transfer process was supposed to enable the rapid delivery of weapons to Ukraine, but it has been “stagnant” for several weeks – German news agency DPA notes that no public information on the status of the transfers has been released in Berlin recently.

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