The Rams receive Super Bowl LVI rings inspired by SoFi

Featuring a pair of palms above the Rams logo, the rings have removable tops that reveal the SoFi Stadium bowl underneath. In terms of carat weight, they are considered the heaviest sports championship rings in history, according to the team. The rings — which were designed in collaboration by jewelry house Jason of Beverly Hills and the Rams players and team leadership, according to the team’s website — have nearly 20 carats of white diamonds studded with white and gold. The 20 karat weight is a celebration of the official opening of the 2020 SoFi Stadium.

“Most people don’t understand how immersed we are in the design process,” said Jason Aracheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills. Via the team website. “We are excited to understand the team, the season and the city. We spent the whole day at SoFi Stadium. And the first thing I said was, ‘What can you get out of the game?’ the stadium? the ball? and what else? “I wanted the design not only to be historical, but to have physical elements from the event as well. It all adds value and authenticity, creating a one-of-a-kind memorabilia piece.”

Five months ago, the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 23-20, to win his first Super Bowl while representing Los Angeles. Receiver Cooper Kupp won the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, but several big games have been played by coach Sean McVay’s side, including quarterback Matthew Stafford and linebacker Aaron Donald. Odell Beckham, who was injured in the Super Bowl and is currently a free agent, was notably present to get his ring. Racer Von Miller, now Buffalo Bill, was also present.

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After Thursday night, the Rams’ focus shifts to repetition and another set of episodes to collect.

The Rams begin their Super Bowl defense – and 2022 is the entire season – in Thursday 8 Septemberwhen they host the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium.

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