The policewoman flew to Bulgaria for a holiday. This is what she found in the hotel – o2

Attitude of a young policeman from Lublinic police station, high rank. Patrycja Czyż restores faith in people during her vacation. A young woman helped evacuate people from a hotel where a fire broke out.

Senior Constable Patrycja Czyż is a young police officer who works on a daily basis in the Patrol and Intervention Division of the Lublinic Police Station. He was on holiday with his partner at a hotel in Primorsk, Bulgaria, when a fire broke out at night. Silesian police reported that smoke started pouring out of the room where the fire broke out.

The policewoman and her fireman immediately set to work.

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Constable Czyż informed the other guests that he had found her On the same floor about the fire and directed them to the exit.

Her accomplice ran into the burning room and started dousing it with a knife There are fire extinguishers. At this point, the uniformed officer watched the other vacationers quickly leave the rooms and get to safety.

After the fire was extinguished, it turned out to be the ignition of a hair dryer in the bathroom – the Silesian Police reported.

Thanks to the attitude of the Polish policewoman and her partner, this did not happen No one was injured until the fire spread.

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