Georgians took to the streets en masse. They are protesting against the controversial bill

Sunday's protest was a continuation of protests organized by opposition parties and activists in recent weeks. It all started in early April when officials announced they were returning to work on the project after suspending it a year earlier due to public pressure.

Georgians are protesting against the controversial law

The law on foreign agents, modeled after the law in force in Russia, requires law firms and media outlets to receive more than 20 percent. Funding from abroad is subject to registration and reporting and is entered into a special register of agents of foreign influence. The Ministry of Justice can conduct inspections of such organizations under any pretext.

The ruling Georgian Dream party says the bill aims to increase transparency in the country's political life.

Continuation of the material below the video

The last reading of the bill in Parliament is scheduled for May 17. Georgian President Salome Zorabishvili announced she would veto the bill, but Georgian Dream said it had enough delegates to override her veto.

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