The Hungarian Ambassador to Slovakia called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Orban called the neighborhood a ‘separate zone’

The Slovak Foreign Ministry summoned the Hungarian ambassador. The reason was Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement during a summer university organized for Hungarians in Romania, which called Slovakia “a divided territory”.

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The Slovak Foreign Ministry described the Hungarian Prime Minister’s statement as disturbing and unacceptable. “We will not tolerate any undermining of Slovakia’s territorial integrity or sovereignty,” the statement said.

Ministry of External Affairs reminded as a state Both Slovakia and Hungary were successors of Austria-Hungary.

– Nothing can be separated from today’s Hungary. The ministry wrote that spreading such a story by anyone is against good neighborliness and stability in our region.

The Slovak ministry has indicated that it wants to maintain normal and peaceful relations with Budapest, based on understanding the sensitivities of both sides. “The Hungarian Prime Minister’s recent speeches do not go in this direction,” the Slovak Foreign Ministry said.

Victor’s statement Orbanand criticized by Slovak politicians. Former Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini’s Hlas group made the decision in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. This sets a dangerous precedent.

After World War I, the Kingdom of Hungary lost much of its territory, primarily Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania, as well as Austria, Poland, and Italy. Most of these areas were inhabited by non-Hungarians, but in some areas Hungarians were – even today – the majority.

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From the Slovak perspective, the Kingdom of Hungary before 1920 and present-day Hungary are different countries, and have different names. The former Kingdom of “Uhorsko”, within its present territory Hungary “MaďarsCo”. Slovakia was part of the now defunct “Uhorska”, A Orban Speaking on behalf of contemporary “MaďarsKa”, which does not include Slovakia.

In turn, Hungarians regard both countries as their national states, and the loss of most of their territory has become such a national shock that some have yet to come to terms with it.

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