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July 24, 2023 | 5:46 p.m

Greta Thunberg was fined Monday for defying policemen during a protest in Sweden last month – but the punishment didn’t stop the climate activist from taking part in another demonstration, where she was detained by police, just hours later.

A Swedish court slapped the 20-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee with a fine of 2,500 kroner (about $240) for blocking oil trucks in the southern city of Malmö during a June 19 demonstration with the “Restore the Future” activist group and ignoring police orders to leave.

Shortly after the hearing, Thunberg was back at it – she was carried off by policemen when she again denied access to the oil terminal in the port of Malmö.

Thunberg had pleaded not guilty to civil disobedience charges over the previous protest – and remained defiant in the face of penalties.

“We must remember who the real criminals are, who commit the real crime, and that would be true even if we jailed all the climate activists in the world,” she told reporters after the hearing.

“Because we have truth on our side and we have morality on our side and that’s not going to change.”

Greta Thunberg has indicated that she will continue her protests regardless of the legal repercussions.
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Her climate change activism has propelled her to international stardom.
Thunberg’s inner profile exploded in 2018 when she helped lead a mass protest against climate change.
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Thunberg has long warned of the consequences if enough steps are not taken to mitigate climate change.

Her spokesperson said Thunberg stressed the protest was “out of necessity” due to the impending climate crisis.

The court rejected her argument and found her guilty.

This isn’t the first time the international climate change star has run afoul of the law.

Thunberg has a history of getting into trouble with the authorities.
Climate activist Greta Thunberg is detained by police during a move to deny entry to an oil facility in Malmö, Sweden, July 24, 2023.
Thunberg and fellow activists block the entrance to an oil facility in Malmö, Sweden.

In January, for example, German police arrested her during a coal mine protest.

After Monday’s hearing, Thunberg vowed to continue her fight — and she appeared to keep her word by returning to protest.

“We can’t save the world by playing by the rules,” she said.

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