The era of tanks is not coming to an end anytime soon. “All militaries of the world are investing in armored weapons”

In an interview with PAP, Ratka was asked how much the war in Ukraine had changed his approach to deployment. Tanks On the battlefield, many experts and analysts in recent years have declared the end of an era for this equipment.

The end of the era of tanks is a myth, and it is also a myth to say that these weapons are obsolete.. In fact, this type of weapon is very universal on the battlefield because it combines well the features of firepower, mobility and above all, survivability on the battlefield, he said.

The expert assessed that it was “simply stupid” to think of an army without tanks. “All militaries in the world are investing in armored weapons,” he noted, e.g. USA, Israel, China, Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany. He added that European countries are waking up from the lethargy of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union and are investing in purchasing and modernizing these equipment.

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