Putin put it on his lap. Detail must testify to a matter – o2

Vladimir Putin appeared in Red Square during Victory Day celebrations. Experts say his speech contained no significant messages. Instead of the president’s words, the media focused more on his appearance and demeanor.

Vladimir Putin ill?

Many have noticed that Vladimir Putin did not move much, and if he did, be very careful. He waved only his left hand towards the people gathered in the square and placed flowers through it.

After the speech, Putin returned to his seat. Despite the 9 degree Celsius temperature in Moscow, photos show his legs covered with a thick blanket. People who saw Putin during the march said he was “fat, swollen and unwell.”

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin of the Royal Navy said this was an “interesting detail”. He recalled talking to the Russian president, such as Emmanuel Macron or top US officials. Everyone said Putin’s statements were less consistent than before and that the president had less energy. Borys Karpiczkov, a former KGB agent living in the West, also took the stage.

I’m not a doctor, but I think Putin suffers from a number of physical ailments – perhaps due to sports injuries in his youth – the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

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