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Maxim, a Ukrainian soldier, detains Russians trying to cross the Donets River. Now he said how he handled it.

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Maxim about his work: He had a great impact on the Russian losses

Maksym is an engineer in the Ukrainian language ArmyWho before War Served at Donbass. “Recently, I undertook a mission that had a huge impact on the Russian losses and completely thwarted their plans to encircle Łysyczańska,” Maksym wrote on Twitter. As he initially explained, information about the Russians on the other side of the river was provided to him by the unit he worked for. “So on May 6 my commander, one of the best military engineers, asked me to carry out an engineering intelligence operation on the Donets River,” he said.

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He reached the river on May 7, after which he surveyed the site and noted where the Russians could build a pontoon bridge on the other side of the river. “I used rangefinders to find that the width of the river was 80 meters, so the Russians would need 8 sections (10 meters each) of the bridge to go to the other side,” Maxim explains. With this river current, he estimated that Russian soldiers would have to use motor boats, i.e. they would Work At least two hours. Later, he presented his findings to his superiors.

“I told the people watching this part of the river to be careful about the noise of motor boats. The Russians set fire to the fields and woods and threw a lot of smoke bombs. The area was visually excrement.

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On the shores of the Donets, the Ukrainians organized a massacre against the Russians

Maxim: I have never seen or heard of such a fierce fight in my life

On May 8 the army heard the sound of motor boats at the spot. “I was there to check it out – I saw the Russians building a floating bridge with my drone.” The situation was immediately reported to the Divisional Commander.

“The artillery was ready. The Russians were able to confirm that seven of the eight sections of the bridge had been installed. The Russians were able to move some troops and vehicles across the river. The fighting began,” he wrote. After 20 minutes, the installation of the Russian bridge was confirmed, and the Ukrainian one Army Began the struggle against the invaders. Participated in heavy artillery and aviation operations. “I was still in that area and I had never seen or heard of such a tough fight in my life,” Maxim admitted.

One day after the fighting, the bridge was destroyed and part of the Russian forces were “trapped in the Ukrainian part of the river with no way out”. Later, the Ukrainian air force destroyed Russian equipment and bombed another bridge they were trying to build. “I did my part and it made a significant impact. We are proud to serve Ukraine!” – The Ukrainian engineer concluded his report.

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