Explosions in Sevastopol. The Russians put out a message [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

Wednesday marks the 609th day of Russia’s war against Ukraine. On Tuesday evening, Sevastopol was rocked by at least one powerful explosion that shook windows, local media reported. Russian officials in occupied Crimea say the explosion “occurred as Russian soldiers were training at a training ground”. Follow Virtualna Polska’s live coverage.

Very important information

  • Vladimir Ivanovich Nekrasov, chairman of the board of Lukoil, Russia’s second largest oil company, has died. In a statement released by the company, it said: His death was “sudden”..
  • The protracted war in Ukraine and the stalemate on the frontline have brought the topic of peace talks back to life. There was no reaction from Ukraine. – Ukrainian society has sacrificed a lot of blood, but it is still in favor of not negotiating with Russia – WP Professor says in an interview. Agnieszka Legukka.


A Russian drone strike in western Ukraine’s Khmelnytskyi region injured 16 people overnight. – said Serhiy Tyurin, representative of the regional government, on Wednesday morning. Critical infrastructure was damaged in the raid. This is the fourth consecutive day of attacks in the area.

“As a result of the downing of enemy air targets, they fell into the complex of an important infrastructure facility in the Sheptovsky district (district). The shock wave damaged non-residential structures, houses and vehicles. 16 residents of nearby houses sought medical help at the hospital with various injuries,” Tyurin wrote in a telegram.

Czychocki was sworn in as Poland’s ambassador to Ukraine in March 2019. Jarosław Guzy is to take office as the new Ambassador to Kyiv; In July, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Sejm approved his candidacy.

Olena Kondratyuk, Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament), thanked Chychocki for his work in Ukraine. “I thanked him for his continued large-scale activism, solidarity, understanding and support for Ukraine. We will not stop thanking Poland for welcoming more than one million (Ukrainian) (war) displaced people,” he wrote on social media.

After more than four years in office Poland’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Bartos Czychocki, is returning to Poland after completing his mission in the country. The diplomat is admired among others in Kiev. For being one of the two diplomats who did not leave the city during the invasion of Russian troops in February 2022.

Chychoki confirmed to PAP that he was leaving Ukraine on Tuesday, but did not share his plans for the future. His farewell ceremony will be held in Kyiv on Thursday. Normally, an ambassador’s term lasts for four years.

The Russian military has slightly reduced the movement of its convoys north through Mariupol, Petro Andreyushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, said in a telegram. The creation of new operational and tactical structures in Mariupol and the region is also significant, he says.

On the night of October 25, the Russians again attacked Ukraine using 11 Shahed-136/131 attack drones, the General Staff of Ukraine noted. “All enemy drones were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense forces and means,” the report said.

“Last night, during the air alarm in Khmelnytskyi Oblast, explosions were heard. According to preliminary data, there is damage in the Slavot community,” said Vasyl Sydor, the mayor of the city. He said that all relevant services are already operational at the spot and assistance is being provided to the victims.

There are three factors that prevent Russia from replenishing the weapons that Ukraine is currently destroying: the massive level of Russian corruption, the errors of the Russian military command, and the successful mission of the Ukrainian military, including the use of precision weapons provided by our partners. Former Deputy Minister of Ukraine Anton Herashchenko.

An aerial alert was declared in some parts of Ukraine. Residents are advised to move to nearby shelters immediately.

Local news channels reported that explosions were heard overnight in the Russian city of Bryansk.

During the air alert, explosions were heard in the Khmelnytsky region, Ukrinform reported. Earlier, the Ukrainian Air Force warned residents of several regions, including Khmelnytskyi, about the threat posed by Russian attack drones.

The Pentagon’s Defense Cooperation Agency said the US State Department has approved the sale of six HIMARS guided missile systems along with the missiles. The maximum transaction cost is expected to be USD 220 million.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine showed that a Ukrainian drone destroyed a Russian T-90 tank.

The US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has released its latest map of military operations in Ukraine.

“I spoke today at the Ukrainian-German business forum. Ukrainian companies from the defense, energy and infrastructure sectors participated. There are good offers and joint projects. Thanks to Chancellor Scholz, his team and all Germans. Ukrainian-German trust and relations are the best in history,” President Volodymyr said. Zelensky writes.

Slovakia to install German Montis air defense systems on Ukrainian border

A Russian T-72B3 tank was destroyed near Marzinga in the Donetsk region.

– US President Joe Biden said Tuesday that humanitarian aid is not reaching the Gaza Strip fast enough. National Security Council (NSC) spokesman John Kirby attributed this to “countries in the region”. At the same time, he said the current ceasefire would benefit Hamas, but it was worth considering a “humanitarian pause” in the fighting.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army and the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussed global security aspects in a telephone conversation, particularly the situation in Israel and Ukraine, the Polish Army’s General Staff said on Tuesday evening. X Platform (formerly Twitter).

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